Fabricating the best quality weave for over 20 Years

For the last 20 years, Bintex is the leading the fabric world by innovating and changing trends in the fabric market. With innovation and bringing new technologies, we have produces a wide variety of superior quality fabric in large qualities.

We Are Known For:

  • Trendsetters of the Market
  • Award-Winning Fabric Across the world
  • Denim Wholesalers
  • Export Quality Bedsheets
  • Yarn-dyed fabric wholesalers

Creating outstanding quality for clients across the world.

Production Lines for the Quality Garment

Located in the suburbs of Ahmedabad, Bintex has manufacturing units spread in acres. The production line is complete with all the latest and high-end equipment to give a superior quality end-product. Our manufacturing unit facilitates everything from weaving to packaging all in one place.


Top-notch Weaving and knitting machines for producing denim, bottom-weight fabric, shirting fabric, and yarn-dyed fabric


Bintex also offers job work for printing on all kinds of fabric apart from in-house fabric production. We handle the designing of the printing too.


Bintex offers an in-house dyeing facility to color any kind of fabric. Our yarn is first color dyes and then the fabric is made. Chemicals used for the dyeing process are biologically tested.

Ultimate Quality Textiles

Bintex is one of the leading fabric manufacturers and traders in the market. Over the years, the variety of products and quality and have increased to a great amount to satisfy customers trending needs.

An overview of Bintex

Bintex is a multi-faceted organization that has been known to have brought a revolution in the industry by producing the best quality fabric.

Production Aptitude

With our facilities spread across acres of land, Bintex produces a fabric with high-end spinning and weaving structure methodology.

Our Rich History

Bintex is known to be one of the giants in the textile industry. We are one of the most reputed manufacturers across the globe.

Fabricating the Best

Bintex produces award-winning weaving designs around the globe. We are one of the leading exporters of top dyed yarn in the market.

The Textile, Product, And Apparel Manufacturing Industries.

In our journey of decades, Bintex has been one of the key members in changing trends and bringing in innovation in the Indian and International market. Our team is dedicated to creating new and better products out of zeal.

Why Choose Us

We Keep Health and Safety First

Bintex has in-house health experts, at service, at all times. These experts make sure that each employee is fit and is 100% at work. We make sure the working conditions and the workplace environment are always safe.

Safe At Work

We make sure the work environment of our employees is safe at all times. No hazards to our employee’s health can be caused due to the machinery.

Health at work

With extra-curricular activities performed regularly at the workplace, we ensure our employee’s mental health is maintained at all times. We also have health programs that take care of their medical well-being.


Our Customers Are Saying?

Such quality, such diversified collection. We got it nowhere in the town. They have so much variety in the fabric. It is just impossible to choose. I feel like buying them all.

Veena Desai

Such soft bedsheets! Our customers love it. They say it is like sleeping on the cotton itself. There is no comparison of such sheets in the market.

Bipin Gupta

The service at Bintex is great. I found the fabric quality I was looking for. They responded immediately to my request and delivered the product quickly. No issues in the payment transaction

Renuka Raman

The fabric they produce is top in the market. They the best yarn-dyed fabric. The fabric is strong and sturdy. It doesn’t rip off at all.

Usman Mansuri