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About Us

Located in the suburbs of Ahmedabad, Bintex Manufacturing is built on the expressions of dreams and dedication by our founder. In our journey of decades, Bintex has been one of the key members in changing trends and bringing in innovation in the Indian and International market. Our team is dedicated to creating new and better products out of zeal. We have been reinventing various contemporary fabrics that satisfy the needs of the current trends.

At Bintex, we always believed in keeping up with the changing pace and current demands, hence, evolving our product line every time. We always upgrade our machinery, yarns, and knitting with the changing trends. We create a superior quality fabric that is been designed and tested in-house at our modern state technology labs. Our facility has machines with the latest technology for spinning & weaving denim, shirting, and bedsheets. We also have the latest generation CAD systems, pre-treatment equipment, and high-grade textile testing labs.

We maintain our client relations based on superior quality and the pillars of trust. Bintex team has helped us grow into a leader of the textile industry across the world with their diligence and efforts.

We offer various services at a single stop such as fabrics with a wide range of designs and yarn. Currently, we are one of the largest denim producers in the country serving our customer’s bespoke demands. We always bring what is best on the table which makes us one of the finest fabric manufacturers in the world and this is all possible because of the undying efforts of the team Bintex that has made us the best in the market. Our dedicated team is the backbone of Bintex. Our company has been recognized by the government as an official fabric trading house and we cater to distributors and vendors in the fabric market around the world.

About the Founder

Established in 2030, By Mr. Bintex, Bintex Manufacturing was set to make a pre-eminent mark on the textile industry. Staring on a smaller scale, Mr. Bintex always envisioned Bintex to make a name in the Textile industry. Today, he has passed on the torched he lit to the younger and more active generation of the family. This generation has collaborated their dedication, the technical know-how of the business operation which has acted as a catalyst to the growth of the business. The joint efforts endorsed by the skilled professional team of employees are what makes Bintex.


Since 2030, Bintex has aimed for high goals to make superior quality fabric and be the best around the globe. We look forward to making our process more sustainable and focus not all on what our customer needs but also what is good for our environment. We aim to be the global distributors of quality products delivered by all the upgraded technologies and innovations added in the manufacturing process.

We always eye on future endeavours and endless opportunities that the textile industry has to offer. We are dedicated invest in our customer’s needs with innovative methods.


We pledge to maintain trust and harmony between our stakeholders and customers. We aim to maintain trustworthy dynamics with people connected with Bintex.

At Bintex, we encourage our employees to consign their efforts in creating superior quality products which will give our valuable customers a competitive advantage in the market. We motivate to obtain the highest level of work efficiency from our employees by engaging them in various team and personal level activities. We promote them to work with almost integrity and honesty.

We aspire to be an inspiration to other manufacturers in the market to work and produce sustainably and produce responsibly. We wish to work towards protecting the environment and Mother Earth.

Along with sustainability, we want total customer satisfaction with premium products. With customer satisfaction, we could be the leading brand in all our operations around the globe.


Our Customers Are Saying?

Such quality, such diversified collection. We got it nowhere in the town. They have so much variety in the fabric. It is just impossible to choose. I feel like buying them all.

Veena Desai

Such soft bedsheets! Our customers love it. They say it is like sleeping on the cotton itself. There is no comparison of such sheets in the market.

Bipin Gupta

The service at Bintex is great. I found the fabric quality I was looking for. They responded immediately to my request and delivered the product quickly. No issues in the payment transaction

Renuka Raman

The fabric they produce is top in the market. They the best yarn-dyed fabric. The fabric is strong and sturdy. It doesn’t rip off at all.

Usman Mansuri