Get 100% pure rich cotton and poly cotton bed sheets manufactured by BIntex manufacturers. We are known for creating the best quality bed sheets with a high thread count. We have our in-house design studio that creates innovative designs and weaves patterns to produce superior quality cotton bedsheets.

We understand every need of people from different countries and cultures and manufacture fabric that meets their needs and standards. We create a user experience not just simple fabric for bedsheets.

Our production line produces 100% cotton bedsheets Curtain fabric, poly-cotton, Purnt Out fabric. Not just simple cotton bed sheets, but we have the facilities to create fancy bedsheets also, adding embellishments and embroidery. These value additions are done only on demand by the customer. The range of bedsheets Bintex produces includes Duvet covers, Flat sheets, pillow cover to go with the bedsheets, Valance sheets, Bloster covers. We also provide combinations of the above as per the client specification. We have special packing options for retail outlets.

Bintex is capable of producing at least 10,000 pieces per day of the highest quality bed sheets. With our investments in the in-house laboratory, each fabric is duly tested and then delivered to the customer. Every meter of the fabric screams the quality produced. We are committed to follow all the global standards and deliver to our customers for almost satisfaction. Every piece we create is critically tested on the fixed parameters and then delivered. We record the test done on each fabric to ensure that we spot any defect on the fabric before it is dispatched.