Bottom Weight Fabric

The much known term for something that covers some or all of the lower body is Bottoms. Bintex is known for creating this garment fabric. These are paired with any kind of tops and hence made in a range variety. This range of everyday fabric is quite popular and is made with various weaving patterns and yarn types. There are hundreds of our permutations and combinations of weave and yarn type to make bottom fabric and Bintex has the technology to make those.

For years, we have devoted our efforts to testing and experimenting in creating various kinds of fabric that complete our customer’s requirements and satisfy the current fashion trends. Each year our world-class equipment of processing and finishing a fabric creates around 20 million of fabric. These numbers grow every year and make the award-winning exporter of bottom-weight fabric.

Our infrastructure for producing bottom-weight fabric includes singeing, mercerizing, and bleaching. Once the fabric is done with bleaching, we turn onto the further procedures which are dyeing or printing the fabric as per the client’s requirements. Once the product is out, our team of experts completes it with final finishing touches and a thorough inspection is made. When the fabric is approved by our expert, it is ready to be shipped. This entire process is contracted in a 3-meter wide infrastructure.