Shirting Fabric

Breezy cotton or cotton-blend Fabric by Bintex is in demand all year round. Our customers recognize fabric made in Bintex facilities just by the touch and feel of it. This fabric is widely used to make day-to-day wear shirts and is very durable and comfortable. The most essential specification to make the best shirting fabric is getting the correct thread count and the precise yarn structure. At Bintex, with a state-of-art unit, we produce printed shirting fabrics.

Our facility can produce a minimum of 20 million meters of shirting fabric annually at the Japanese Ichinose and Stormac printing machine. These two combined create the most fabulous weave and prints. We have a fully furnished design studio, where the current and trending prints for the shirting fabric are designed.

  • Bestlen SPG Prints Laser engraver
  • For Singeing, designing, and bleaching (the initial processes to prepare a fabric), Bintex has the entire pre-treatment range from Menzel Germany.
  • For cold batch dyeing, we have modern pieces of equipment from Kuster
  • Monforts E-control dyeing is also added to the list of machinery in the Bintex facilities.
  • Our Mechanical and chemical finishes are done by contemporary finishing machines at Bintex units.
  • We have the latest imported machines in our testing laboratory, bought in to complete the test that helps us achieve international standards.