Yarn Dyed Fabric

With over decades of experience and the best setup for using various kinds of Bintex is known for manufacturing premium quality yarn-dyed fabric. With years of experience in experimenting with different kinds of yarns, we produce the best that our customers need. We use crepe yarns, twisted yarns, multiple-ply yarn to produce the softest fabric for our customers. We have our expertise in experimenting with nylon, polyester and other synthetic yarn to create experimental fabric for the current fashion needs.

We have advance airjet and rapier looms of Picanol and Toyota that produce more than 10 million meters of fabric annually. These machines facilitate to produce fabric in any thread count or pick and have at least 4 feeder weft color options. These machines and designs from our in-house designers aid us in creating woven, dobby, and jacquard designs.
Bintex also has an in-house texturizing plant for yarn-dyed fabric. Our yarn product quality ranges from 150 to 600 deniers. Bintex facilitates the production of one 1000 metric tonnes of fabric a year.